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Massy rewards winners of Christmas promotion


Three thousand dollars in cash, a Samsung S8 smartphone and six months’ worth of groceries are just some of the prizes with which some customers of Massy Stores were rewarded last Friday, January 5.

The lucky shoppers who walked away with these prizes are the winners in Massy’s 2017 Christmas promotion, “Take a spin on Massy’s Sleigh”.

Shoppers who spent EC$50 and over at Massy Stores between October 30 and December 24 and swiped their Massy loyalty card, were given a voucher on which to place their contact information.

This voucher was placed in a promotional raffle box, and on Friday, January 5, several persons whose names were pulled from the box were summoned to Massy’s Upper Bay Street location, where they were allowed to spin the promotional wheel.

Spinning the wheel and winning the grand prize of EC$3,000 was Norris Gumbs. The other winners were Dionne John (six months groceries), Sefisco Zwemiz ($500 Cash Money Auto voucher), Rosanna Bradshaw (Samsung Galaxy S8, compliments Digicel), René Baptiste (Rubis Memorabilia), Raquel Creese (Island Breeze Cooler, compliments True Value), Dimitri Samuel (Rubis Memorabilia), Cynthia Hope Browne (JVC Mini Player, compliments Courts) and Atteika King (Rubis Gas refills).

Rewarded with hams and turkeys were Fastina Antoine, Sheril Providence, Ricky Haynes, Anthony Rodgers, Nelcia Ferdinand, Nashika Bobb, Clarissa Edwards, Romor Finch, Jean Joshua, Linda Mofford, Pamela Providence, Glendon Swift, Nathalie John, Irwyn Searles Greaves, Joyce/Ralph Knights and Bernard Hamilton.

Said marketing assistant at Massy Stores Akene Keizer, “Massy Stores got together with a number of partners for the holidays with one plan in mind, make someone’s wish come true.”

Keizer added that persons were delighted to take part in the “Take a spin on Massy’s Sleigh” spin the wheel promotion.