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Cops take lie detector test over missing cocaine


The investigation into the recent case of missing evidence from the police storeroom has involved lie detector tests for the entire drug squad, the Minister of National Security has said.

Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr Ralph Gonsalves was pressed for answers in relation to the investigation into the recent matter of missing cocaine, at a media conference held in the Cabinet Room on Tuesday.

The questions were posed to the Prime Minister in the context of the disappearance of one of eight packages of cocaine, which were to be presented in court as evidence in a case against defendants Benjamin Harvey and Vincent Denbar.

It has been almost a month since the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Colin Williams, rose to inform Justice Brian Cottle of the High Court that a portion of the 20 pounds of cocaine in the case was no longer in the Police Evidence Storage at Arnos Vale and that investigations were ongoing, as it had likely been stolen.

A week after the incident, SEARCHLIGHT, in speaking to then Police Commissioner Renold Hadaway, was informed that the investigation was “fully on stream.”

Gonsalves revealed information on January 2, indicating just how active the investigations had been, saying, “as part and parcel of that investigation I can report to you, though not the results, that we had brought in the technical expertise necessary to carry out polygraph tests, what you may call lie detector tests, on all those who are on the drug squad.

“That should give you an indication as the seriousness with which the Government is treating this matter,” he continued.

On the question of what possible consequences there would be, the Prime Minister stated that the matter was under the scope of the DPP and not himself.

“I don’t, when it comes to a criminal prosecution, interpose myself on any part of the process. I never have and I never will,” he said, continuing, “the DPP is the constitutional authority to assess those things.”

The Prime Minister had no further comments, only saying that he was “awaiting the conclusion of the examination, of the investigation.”(KR)