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Calder Government School celebrating 60th anniversary


“Giving thanks for 60 years of Educational Advancement” is the theme chosen as the Calder Government School celebrates this important milestone.

The building was constructed in 1957, but opened its doors for schooling in January of 1958. The late Wilfred ‘Massy’ Alexander was the school’s first principal.

Various activities will be held to commemorate this special occasion. Commencing this Sunday, January 7, a special church service will be held at the Calder Seventh-Day Adventist Church, beginning at 3 p.m.

At this service, past principals, teachers and benefactors of the school will be specially recognized for their contribution to the development of the Calder Government School.

Addresses will come from Minister of Education St Clair Prince, chief education officer Beverly Neptune, area representative Frederick Stephenson, and Dr Rudy Matthias, the first male to have passed the then Common Entrance Examination for the Calder Government School, in 1976.

The feature address will be given by Pastor Hansby Lewis.

Present students are requested to attend the service in school uniform and past students to attend in the uniform of their respective schools.

The other activities planned for the remainder of the school year are: the renaming of the school library as ‘Nelcia Mc Guire’ Resource Centre, in memory of a deceased member of staff; Community Outreach Day; Career Day; Fun Day; Cultural Night with members of the Indian Heritage Foundation.

The entire Calder community, inclusive of all past students, is invited to be part of these activities.