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Banfield Service Station closing for refurbishment


The Banfield Service Station on Grenville Street will be closed from next month to facilitate extensive refurbishment.

General manager of SOL EC Limited Steve Francis made the announcement at the company’s Christmas dinner last Saturday night at the Young Island resort.

Francis said the current structure will be completely demolished, and a new structure put up, a process that is not expected to extend past April.

He explained that this process has been in the pipeline for some time, but it was delayed because of other stakeholders, one being the Physical Planning Department.

Francis said that on completion, the station will have a convenience store and will be easier to access.

“Rest assured, that you will be go there and enjoy that location,” said Francis, adding that Banfield is the last station in SOL’s network to be rebranded.

“It would be different in terms of the ingress and egress, because right now being in Kingstown, it is a very congested area, difficult at times to get out and in, so we intend to improve that,” said Francis, whose brand dominates the gas station market in the country.

Manager at the Banfield Service Station Robert Banfield said he is looking forward to the station being upgraded to a modern facility.

He said that the station has been in that location for over 60 years and currently employs seven persons.(LC)