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Flow joins forces with National AIDS Secretariat for World AIDS Day

Flow joins forces with National AIDS Secretariat  for World  AIDS Day


Flow joins forces with National AIDS Secretariat for World AIDS Day Echoing the need for proper health care across the board for persons living with HIV/AIDS, telecommunications power house FLOW on Friday, December 1, joined forces with the National AIDS Secretariat to commemorate World AIDS Day.

Director of the HIV/AIDS Secretariat Ferosa Roache explained that the event, which is recognized annually on December 1, was aimed at recognizing and providing support for persons affected and living with the virus, while commemorating persons who succumbed to HIV/AIDS.

Roache added that the aim of the event was to emphasize the right of everyone to the highest standard of health care. She added that very often a marginalized group of persons have been denied that right.

Stating that the relationship with FLOW has been long existing, she stressed that FLOW’s efforts to get the message across via text blasts has been very impactful.

Azonya Vanloo-Morris, assistant to the director of National AIDS Secretariat, echoed Roache’s comments, stating that FLOW’s involvement proved to be of much significance. She admitted that the telecommunications provider has a huge impact on the Vincentian society, with a lot of reach to a wide scope of persons.

Meanwhile, marketing and communications lead Nikala Williams stated that FLOW was eager to join forces with the National AIDS Secretariat for such a worthy cause, as FLOW continues its efforts to connect communities and change lives throughout SVG. Williams stressed that the initiative was a timely one, noting that the company was able to provide the National HIV/AIDS Secretariat with text blasts and the usage of the FLOW Promenade.

The marketing and communications lead further noted that the initiative was of much significance, as the company is preparing for its annual community outreach; adding that there are persons living with the virus who they would visit annually.

Pledging a commitment to support related worthy causes that positively impact the community, Williams noted that FLOW has a close relationship with all of the government ministries.