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NLA patrons encouraged to view draws


Patrons of games of the National Lottery Authorities (NLA) are encouraged to view the auditing and drawing process, so as to get rid of doubts relating to transparency and fairness.

This recommendation came last Tuesday from Anthony Dennie of the NLA, during a press briefing.

Dennie said that occasionally the NLA gets feedback from patrons of the game who question some of the numbers that are called.

“You may find a number appearing, let’s say a week ago and it comes back this week, not in the same order, but in the same mix, and so persons would say, why are we having this number back so quickly,” Dennie explained.

He reassured patrons that every draw is audited to maintain the required standard.

“Our draw procedures are very transparent; the auditors come in. There’s a process which they have to go through. Matter of fact, every single ball which is a part of the draw is weighed before the draw takes place, every single draw. When it comes to the actual draw process itself, those balls are taken to the draw chamber and the exercise is quite transparent…. We just want persons to come in and have a look at it and realize what we are doing here at NLA is quite transparent. We are not doing it to hoodwink anybody…”

Dennie invites any Vincentian to view the 3D, Play 4 or Lotto draws at the VC3 studios at the Victoria Park.

He also announced that the small business which sells the next winning lotto ticket would receive a percentage of the total jackpot. Dennie explained that the jackpot winner will receive their full winnings and would not have part of their winnings taken to give to the agent.

Furthermore, patrons of the games may now view the results via Whatsapp. The number that you add to your contacts is 495-6886, then send a message to the number requesting results. The Whatsapp messaging adds to the NLA Facebook page and mobile app, social media accounts which give wider accessibility to results.