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Can’t even get to say my prayers – ‘Tiny’

Can’t even get to say my prayers – ‘Tiny’


An elderly woman from Green Hill is calling on the police to help her with what she considers noise pollution and provocation.

Robertha “Tiny” Samuel said that for years now, she has been tormented by neighbours who would on a regular basis throw stones on her house roof.

The latest complaint from Samuel came because of an incident last Sunday night, during which she said neighbours were engaged in the bursting of bamboos directly above her home.

She said the noise affected her and when she complained, they pelted her roof with stones.

“I in the porch standing up and they bussing bamboo. I can’t get peace for them, no rest night and day,” said Samuel, who alleges that the same group threw a scratch bomb on her roof.

She said she has made numerous complaints and the police have done nothing; on one occasion, she called the police station and the officer who answered the phone hung up on her.

“They take report, and nothing being done. Up to now them ain’t lock up nobody,” stressed Samuel, who lives alone.

Samuel added, “I can’t even say my prayers. Last night I go to say my prayers, but they bussing bamboo right over me.”(LC)