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Bishop’s College Kingstown Language Department launches book club


Fifty-three years after the Bishop’s College Kingstown embarked on a mission to develop academically and spiritually well-rounded individuals, it continues to make a positive impression on the future leaders of this country.

On October 19, its Language Department launched a book club to further stimulate growth and development in its students.

And, according to Elysian Grecia, head of the Language Department, this recent initiative is just one of the strategies the school is using to equip students with the ability to function independently and effectively in the society.

“The Language Department at the school has seen that a book club will be very effective in getting our students to read and enjoy literature to increase their knowledge and help them to develop an appreciation of the world around them,” said Grecia.

The book club was launched under the theme, ‘Reading to Learn, Inspire and Grow,’ and its vision is to enrich the lives of students through literature, while educating, encouraging and motivating them to read.

Keynote speakers at the launch, Karen James and Dr Wendy Ann Richardson, who were selected to speak on “Reading to Overcome Challenges,” used a half-naked mannequin to demonstrate how illiteracy makes one feel naked and vulnerable to ridicule and mockery.

To motivate and encourage students to join the book club, the speakers, while highlighting benefits of reading, further demonstrated how reading makes a person engaging and can transform their lives.

James, who is a published author, donated several copies of one of her books to the book club.

In explaining some of the ways students will benefit from the book club, Grecia said discussing books will help to reinforce things in their minds and enable them to retain information better; participating in the book club will do wonders for their communication skills; and for those shy of public speaking, book clubs are a great way for them to start practising to express their opinions to an audience or summarizing information and presenting it in an engaging way.

“Personally, I loved reading as a child and it has helped me to develop academically, socially and mentally. I want students to also have that rewarding experience. Students are always on their phones, iPod and other devices. I long to see students engrossed in an actual book and enjoying it,” said Grecia.

The book club is managed by a group from the school’s student body.(KJ)