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Minister visits schools in West St George constituency

Minister visits schools in West St George constituency


Cecil Mckie, the parliamentary representative for West St George, is continuing his visits to the six schools in his constituency.

McKie recently visited the Sion Hill Primary and West St George Secondary schools, bearing a variety of items of support.

He had previously visited the Dorsetshire Hill and Belmont Primary Schools.

The Sion Hill Primary School was the recipient of a quantity of litter bins for their classrooms, as well as exterior garbage bins.

They were also presented with netballs and a netball kit of T-shirts and skirts to facilitate their participation in the West St George Primary Schools Development Tournament, an initiative of Mckie, in collaboration with the Ashburton Sports and Cultural Organization (ASCO).

Apart from other items of support to the Sion Hill School, McKie’s visit was made complete with a package of agricultural items to kick-start his drive to get all six schools in his constituency to produce the food they consume through their food kitchens.

Hopefully, these students will go on to maintain their own backyard gardens, do subsistence farming or become full-time farmers,

Similar donations were also made to the Dorsetshire Hill and Belmont Primary Schools.

The West St George Secondary School was also the recipient of classroom bins, sporting items and an enhanced agricultural support package. They have been regular beneficiaries of McKie’s generosity, as he provides support to the myriad of initiatives of the school.

The school now boasts of consistently being in the top 10 of secondary schools in the CSEC external examinations. The school also consistently performs well across all sporting disciplines, as well as in the fields of culture and public speaking.

Mckie, in a release, said he is confident that his ongoing support will further stimulate the school and students to even higher heights.