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Lucky customers to have bill zeroed in Flow Independence promotion


FLOW always puts their customers first and as a result, an Independence month promotion will see several customers with no bills to pay next month.

In celebration of this country’s 38th anniversary of Independence (this Friday, October 27), FLOW is running a promotion called, “The Freedom Promotion.”

The Freedom Promotion was launched on October 2 and marketing and corporate communications manager at FLOW Nikala Williams said that every week, four lucky customers will have their next month’s bill zeroed.

“Customers who pay their bills in full get to fill out a voucher with their details. At the end of each week, four customers’ names are pulled from a box and they receive a call with the good news that they don’t have to worry about paying that bill the following month,” said Williams.

Williams said that another part of the Freedom Promotion is allowing persons free cable television service for the rest of the year.

“FLOW customers signing up for a broadband service get to enjoy cable TV for free for the rest of the year,” revealed Williams.