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Brewery benefit concert hailed a success


 A benefit concert put on by the St Vincent Brewery Limited to assist hurricane ravaged Dominica has been hailed a success.

The Brewery’s marketing coordinator Kelvin Franklyn said the event was a success and the items collected will be coupled with items being donated by the Brewery’s staff here.

The benefit concert was held at the decommissioned ET Joshua Airport and managed to raise thousands of dollars in toiletries and food items, including corned beef, sardines, milk, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, rice, sugar and toilet paper.

In addition, Franklyn said barrels have been placed at the Brewery’s compound in Campden Park and employees have been contributing clothing, foodstuff and water, while some have even given cash.

He said that the collected items will soon be shipped to the St Vincent Brewery Limited’s sister brewery in Dominica, which has over 100 employees.

The donation in Dominica will be coordinated by the human resource personnel at the brewery in that country.