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Police on hunt for alleged child molester


Police are on the hunt for a man who is alleged to have raped a primary school girl, then messaged the girl’s mother on Facebook and WhatsApp to ask for forgiveness.

In four voice notes currently making the rounds on social media, a woman, who claims she is the mother of a grade six pupil, says her daughter was at her father’s home alone, trying on clothes, when a 29-year-old man entered the house and raped the child.

The mother said that her daughter “only look big, but she is not big, big boned,” and the man would usually “trouble” her when she is walking in the road.

She said the man lives three houses away from her child’s father.

The mother said the day after her daughter was allegedly raped, she (the mother) saw a message on her Facebook messaging service, but the sender was not on her friend list, so she accepted the message and found out that the message was coming from the man who she alleges raped her daughter.

“I say leh me accept and see who it is, … so I call me daughter now and I say ‘you know this person here?’ and she said, ‘that is he, mommy, that is he’.

“He messaging me to tell me he sorry and he don’t want to go jail, so I say leh we meet somewhere and talk nah,” said the mother in the voice note.

She said the man refused to meet with her, but suggested instead that they talk on WhatsApp. She said she added the man on WhatsApp and she has saved the conversations and is patiently awaiting a court date.

She said the man is a disc jockey.

The matter has been reported to the police, but he is on the run.

“How he stupid; he message me on WhatsApp and I have all the messages them saved,” said the angry mother.