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Cultural officer releases first book of poetry


Cultural Officer in the Department of Culture Michael Peters is releasing his first book of poetry.

The collection, entitled: ‘Spiritual Muses,’ is now available locally. The book is a collection of original poems, created by inspiration and with a desire to share the blessings.

The poems are decidedly on Christian themes and cover a variety of subject areas that sometimes translate into mini sermons in verse.

“These are not ‘normal’ poems. Each piece is designed to provoke thought and action that will eventually lead to positive change,” a release said.

Peters who is the founder and director of the famous Hairoun Theatre Company, has written numerous plays, skits, poems, monologues, choral speeches and songs. Spiritual Muses is expected to be the first of many efforts at documenting and offering to the public his work over the years.

Copies of the book are available from the author.