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Crane overturns at Lowmans Hill


Pedestrians and motorists who frequent the Leeward Highway were spared serious injuries and possible death on Tuesday.

At round 9:30 a.m., a mobile crane, owned by Eustace Auto Supplies and driven by Robert Rene of Belair, overturned in the Lowmans Hill area, completely blocking the road.

Luckily, the accident took place when the morning rush hour traffic had already subsided.

A police source said Rene told traffic officers that he was on his way to Campden Park and when he tried to turn the corner near Midway Butchers at Grand Gate, the crane lost power, rolled back and overturned.

The mishap blocked traffic for over two and a half hours until the overturned crane was dragged to the side of the road, freeing up one lane.

No one was hurt in the incident.(LC)