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Central Leeward Secondary dominates Bible Quiz

Central Leeward Secondary dominates Bible Quiz


After a long period of not having a winner in the Secondary School Bible Quiz (SSBQ), the Central Leeward Secondary School (CLSS) has begun to dominate. When Jose Sam collected the prize on Monday, October 9 for being the September winner, she was the third student from her school to win in the past four months.

Prior to June of this year, students from the CLSS won on three occasions, April 2010, January and February 2012. It is not unusual to see increased participation from a school following one of theirs becoming a winner. This continues to be the case with CLSS. Apart from the CLSS, this year there have been winners from the St Vincent Grammar School, the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua and the Adelphi Secondary School.

The monthly prize, valued at more than $600, is part sponsored by Acute Cosmetics and Jujube.  

The organizers of the Quiz are grateful to the participants and all persons who continue to support the effort.