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Tips for the aftermath of a hurricane

Tips for the aftermath of a hurricane


by the Insurance Institute of SVG


You’ve seen the photos!  The huge devastation in our sister islands is almost beyond belief, if we hadn’t seen the shocking photos on TV and social media. How are they ever going to clean up? 

But wait!  Next time, it could be us. The time to prepare is NOW, and that includes preparation for the overwhelming clean-up needed, to get SVG back on its feet again. 

After a disaster, there’s even more dangers happening in the aftermath.

The Insurance Institute of SVG helps you to avoid accidents and illnesses !

1. DECIDE FIRST which tasks are the MOST important. Focus on these, and don’t get distracted till these important jobs are done first.

2. Don’t take chances!  If you can get protective  gloves/boots/hats etc, please USE these. Don’t make things worse by becoming yet another casualty for others to help. Be brave, but not foolish !

3. Work with others, not alone, just in case……

4. Work in daylight, if possible, so you can SEE dangers.

5. Damaged buildings are dangerous – they can KILL you! Get out if you hear cracking or breaking noises.

6. Beware gas and electricity! don’t use switches or matches, or anything which can cause a spark, and DON’T TOUCH ELECTRIC CABLES!

7.Water and electricity don’t mix. Keep your hands and feet dry !!

8. If you can’t boil water, add a tiny amount of bleach, to disinfect it.

9. Wet things create mould, leading to disease. TAKE PHOTOS before disposing of items which can’t be safely dried.

10. Beware contamination from flooded septic tanks and cemeteries. Diseases like cholera can result, as it did in Haiti, with fatal results!

We hope none of this happens to us, but so did all our neighbours…

The Insurance Institute of SVG has been providing insurance education to the public and to the local insurance industry since 1997.