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Captain Bligh Rum gets brand new look

Captain Bligh Rum gets brand new look


Captain Bligh Rum has once again changed its appearance, while maintaining its smooth rich taste.

The rum’s new label, elegant bottle and box were unveiled on Thursday, September 28, at the Vogue Restaurant and Bar at the Diamond Estate, during a ceremony held by the St Vincent Distillers Ltd (SVDL).

The SVDL is the producer of Captain Bligh Rum.

Speaking at the unveiling, public relations officer (PRO) at SVDL Phillippa Greaves said that by creating an attractive new look, they are promoting Captain Bligh to rum connoisseurs here and abroad. 

Greaves described the unveiling of the new look packaging as a big occasion as it has been 30 years since SVDL introduced Vincentians to Captain Bligh Golden Rum.

“Today’s multi award-winning Captain Bligh Special Reserve Rum is set to become the go-to beverage for an up and coming generation of rum connoisseurs,” said Greaves. 

The PRO said that the SVDL has come a long way over the years and they are particularly proud of the changes they have made.

“Until the 1980s, the distillery’s production was limited to Sunset Rum, a clear over-proof beverage that has been a staple of the distillery since its beginnings. But in the mid-1980s, the late O’Neil McIntosh, who was then managing director of the distillery, decided to produce a dark rum,” explained Greaves.

She said McIntosh took two symbolic images of St Vincent, Captain William Bligh and the breadfruit, and created a product that has not only withstood the test of time, but has come to be known as one of the finest rums in the world.

“Captain Bligh was introduced on September 23, 1987, and went unchanged until 1999, when an updated label was created. Eight years later in 2007, with Captain Bligh winning international awards, we gave it a new, more modern label and introduced a six-sided box.

“Not completely satisfied with the new design, in 2010, we again upgraded the box,” explained Greaves.

She said that over the years, the distillery has done everything to make sure the quality of the rum has remained intact.

“Since 1997, changes and improvements were made to the distillery, focusing on modernization of the plant. A new boiler was purchased to replace the aging one; stainless steel vats were installed; automated bottling equipment was introduced; and a new bond was built to accommodate the growing demand for aged rum. This year, a custom bottling machine was installed, specifically for our new Captain Bligh bottle,” said Greaves.

She added that the entire operation is managed by highly qualified technical and administrative staff, all of whom have helped to make rum production and distribution more efficient, resulting in a consistent final product.

The rum is distributed by Coreas Hazells Limited and Greaves said that the experienced distribution and sales team at Coreas have ensured continuity in the marketplace of Captain Bligh Rum.

Captain Bligh began winning rum awards in 2001, when SVDL first entered the rum in the Barbados Caribbean Communications competition where it won a gold medal.

“Since then, it has garnered four more gold and two bronze medals in competitions around the world. In London, at the World Rum Awards in 2014, Captain Bligh was named the World’s Best Rum. It was awarded another gold in 2015. We’re very proud of these awards, and they have played a tremendous role in increasing sales of Captain Bligh both here and abroad,” noted Greaves.

Captain Bligh is described as having a unique, smooth, palatable flavour associated with well-aged rum. It has 40 per cent alcoholic volume.