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Man gunned down in Fairhall


Coming off the heels of a bloody September, the month of October opened with this country’s 32nd homicide.

Last Sunday, October 1, at around 8:15 p.m., Calvert “Cally” Pierre, a 42-year-old labourer, was shot about seven times in the Fairhall area.

Reports are that the father of one was in the main road when he was killed.

Hillary Bushay, Pierre’s stepfather, said that the dead man was originally from Kelbourney, but moved out and was house sitting for someone in Fairhall.

Bushay, a farmer, said he was in a relationship with Pierre’s mom (deceased) and he took care of Pierre from the day he was born, but over time they grew apart. He noted also that Pierre was a past student of the Gomea Methodist School, but did not attend secondary school. He said he used to take him to do jobs as a mason, but Pierre was not really into that work and would leave before jobs were completed.

“He born in my hand, but he moved away from me; months I ain’t see him,” said Bushay, at his Kelbourney home on Monday.

Bushay said that he does not know why Pierre was killed and he has not been in contact with him for over a year, but he thinks that he may have been keeping bad company. Despite the broken relationship, Bushay is saddened by the murder.

“Don’t care how a person stop, you not going to rejoice in their death, because you don’t know who next, because people just gunning down one another these days,” said Bushay, who added, “Nobody never know how, where and when you would die; you don’t rejoice over death.”

He said that in his opinion, crime in the country is out of control.(LC)