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Latest, most popular deals just a ‘Tapp’ away

Latest, most popular deals just a ‘Tapp’ away


A mobile application ‘Tapp’, which promises to provide unique service for app users in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), will be relaunched today.

‘Tapp,’ which was conceptualized by Cenus Hinds, and brought to life by Zarir Bhesania, who deals with all technical aspects of the platform, is designed to make deals and events available for purchase through the app, using either a credit or debit card.

The app, which will be relaunched today, after its first appearance in 2014 as ‘Konservi,’ is said to have changed significantly. The concept of the app is to have the latest and most popular deals and promotions presented to the users as being just a ‘Tapp’ away.

Cenus Hinds, the chief executive officer and driving force behind the app, said he hopes Tapp will change the way people think about shopping in general.

He said the prices on the app will all be presented in United States currency, which will allow the app to spread to other Caribbean countries more seamlessly. The producers of the app are also hoping that it will expand to include situations such as delivery to the Grenadines from Massy stores, delivery from restaurants, purchase of theatre tickets and purchase of Carnival tickets as possibilities in the future.

The app is designed to be easy to use for both registered customers and businesses.

The customer may click on a button to access purchase options for the most popular or recent deals available and to determine what time collection may be expected. After this, a bar code and unique code is produced, which should be scanned for collection of purchase.

On the other side of the app are the businesses, which would receive a push notification after a purchase is made with all relevant information related to it, including the time it is to be collected. In order to purchase any deals on the app, persons will have to register or make an account with ‘Tapp’ or sign up through Facebook.

‘Tapp’ will also be free for businesses to register and Hinds says they are hoping the app will become a “marketing tool for businesses both small and large.”

The app is designed to profit only from taking a commission from the purchases done on the app from between five and six per cent and ‘Tapp’ will therefore only benefit when the business benefits, says Hinds.

The app may also serve as a tool to introduce brands to those using the app, for instance by allowing people who are looking for something to eat being attracted by a promotion that Corea’s may be having, as a hypothetical example given by Hinds.

The app also boasts increased security and reduced possibility of credit card fraud, because the company is registered in the United States and therefore all information on the platform Stripe, which accommodates the purchases, will be in the United States and not able to be seen by Konservi, the company which runs ‘Tapp’.

Hinds encourages businesses to take advantage of the app, saying that SVG is relatively behind in technology and “it is up to us to take a step in the right direction.”(KR)