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Two more persons shot in Vermont, one dead

Two more persons shot in Vermont, one dead


The community of Vermont, no stranger to violence, and now probably accustomed to the sound of gunshots, is in the news again with yet another violent death this week.

On Monday, at around 9 p.m., in an area of the South Leeward community known as Francois, police responded to a call and on arrival found 35-year-old labourer Irona “G Dog” Bascombe dead in the street and Jason Stephens, alias “Godfred Straker”, seriously wounded, with a gunshot to the chest.  

Bascombe, no stranger to the law, has done prison time in Barbados and St Lucia and is also known to the law here. His death is the 30th homicide here this year.

Reports are that Bascombe and Straker were walking along the public road when they were attacked by a masked gunman, who shot Bascombe in his head and chest, killing him on the spot.

Stephens survived the attack and is currently nursing injuries at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH). When visited by the media, he declined to make a comment.

According to some residents of Vermont, Bascombe’s murder was a reprisal killing, in relation to the shooting of Raphael “Snaky” O’Neil, also of Francois, Vermont.

O’Neil was shot and killed last Friday night, September 22, in the village of Vermont where he was born. He was at a popular hangout spot when he was shot at around 10 p.m.