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NDP expresses alarm over recent spate of homicides in SVG


The New Democratic Party (NDP) has expressed its alarm about the most recent spate of homicides in the country.

In a release issued Monday, Leader of the Opposition and president of the NDP Dr Godwin Friday said: “This weekend was a rather unsettling one for me. I cannot accept a situation in which this country becomes a place that has three and more homicides in one weekend. I thought of the families of those involved, and it saddened me because every death brings pain and loss to family members and friends of those killed.

“The ULP administration continues to stifle the development of our country, as they have failed in providing proper governance with respect to the escalating crime situation in the country. As a people, we have to think about addressing crime and violence by dealing with root causes. We must create jobs for our youths and provide proper training and working conditions for our police. We must go into the communities and implement social and economic programmes to better the lives of our people. This, and more, the NDP under my leadership will do. However, the only way we will succeed is to do it together as one people. We must come together!”

The NDP in the release urged anyone with information that might assist the police in their investigations to provide it to the police. They called on the police to redouble their efforts to bring perpetrators to justice.