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Digicel sends barge load of supplies for Hurricane Irma victims

Digicel sends barge load of supplies for  Hurricane Irma victims


The Digicel team in Trinidad and Tobago is working feverishly to load a 210 ft. barge with crucial supplies to send to countries severely affected by Hurricane Irma.

With the damage to the islands being described as “unprecedented”, a massive barge, scheduled to set sail for the islands of Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands on Sunday night, was filled with network equipment, basic food and household items – as well first aid kits – and is expected to reach the islands in three to four days. 

Commenting on the shipment of telecoms equipment and humanitarian aid, Digicel CEO Caribbean and Central America Vanessa Slowey commented; “With Digicel’s response teams on the ground in the affected markets within a couple of hours of the all-clear being given, we have a fleet of engineers working round the clock to restore service. Steady progress is being made.”

She continues; “Of equal importance is ensuring that the people of the islands get the humanitarian assistance they need. We are committed to helping and this is just the first shipment of many we will be bringing in. The message here is we are on the ground, we are working tirelessly and we are doing everything humanly possible to restore services and help people.”