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Amgine Foundation awards students scholarships

Amgine Foundation awards students scholarships


A newly formed entity, the Amgine Foundation, has already began making a difference in the lives of Vincentians.

Last week, Amgine Foundation eased the burden of two Bequia families by providing Brielle Compton and Deona Lampkin with secondary school scholarships.

Compton and Lampkin attend the Girls’ High School (GHS) and St Joseph`s Convent Kingstown (SJCK) respectively and have to travel from Bequia to do so.

The Amgine Foundation is a spill-off from Amgine Entertainment (run by Naticia Lewis and Kevin Robinson) and Lewis said the Foundation was established as a charitable organization.

In relation to the scholarships, Lewis said the Foundation knows the financial struggles that some persons endure when it comes to education and they wanted to help, so they investigated and decided to help the two Bequia families.

“Being from Bequia and attending a secondary school on the mainland is an even greater financial challenge. This prompted the Amgine Foundation to establish this particular initiative, as our company understands the challenges and knows that our contribution would benefit the students,” said Lewis.

She added, “We are honoured to be able to provide students with this opportunity that will help them to have the necessary tools that they require to succeed by acquiring a higher education and in turn, helping the island of Bequia.”

FLOW also teamed up with the Amgine Foundation on this initiative and as a result, both girls received vouchers that give them “free talk” and data for the rest of the year.

“The Amgine Foundation aims to provide support to education, health care and also do community work that would benefit the younger generation and overall the country,” said Lewis.

She revealed that for the last eight years, Amgine Entertainment partnered with several organizations and individuals to provide charitable support.

These include the Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre, St Benedict`s Day Nursery and Children`s Hospital and the Kidney Society.