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Inmate of HMP attempts suicide


An inmate of Her Majesty’s Prisons (HMP) tried to commit suicide last Thursday, in full view of other inmates and prison officers.

Between 2:30 and 3 p.m., just after the prisoners were let out of their cells for supper, the inmate, who is on remand on a murder charge, was seen on the balcony of a cell on the upper floor, with something tied around his neck.

According to a usually reliable source, other inmates began shouting at the man, some encouraging him to jump, while others told him not to. In response, the prisoner reportedly made gestures and inaudible comments before jumping from the balcony.

Fortunately, the cord snapped, and the troubled man fell about 20 ft and landed on his feet.

The prisoner appeared to be injured, but was taken into custody by the prison officers, handcuffed and thrown in a cell, the eyewitness told Searchlight.

The inmate had recently been transferred to HMP after spending a number of years at the Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

According to our source, the inmate had previously complained to the prison authorities about conditions at the penal facility. He told other inmates that the conditions were deplorable and he wanted to be placed in a better environment. Inmates have also been complaining about leaky cells and poor food quality.