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Her Majesty’s Prisons welcomes thirteen new prison officers


After months of complaints by staff that they were being overworked, Her Majesty’s Prisons (HMP) yesterday welcomed 13 new prison officers.

The officers, three females and 10 males, reported for duty on Monday, September 4 and are expected to ease the stress that some officers have been complaining of for the past several months.

The Public Service Union (PSU), the union which represents the interests of prison officers, has been asking for the relevant authority to hire new prison officers, as HMP was severely understaffed.

The PSU is also asking for the issue of uniforms to be addressed, as the prison officers are complaining that they have not received new uniforms for a long time and as such, some officers have been wearing their own clothes to work, which they are not supposed to do.

The new prison officers, who are expected to begin work immediately, will also go through a series of training sessions to enable them to perform their duties effectively.