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Lewis Punnett Home receives benevolent gesture from JEMS


JEMS, (Journey, Encourage, Motivate & Success), a Vincentian based philanthropic organization, located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, has donated US$3,723 in medical and health supplies, and a large quantity of pillows to the Lewis Punnett Home of Glen, St Vincent.

On July 19, president Carol Simmons and the PRO Josiah Stewart visited the home and handed over the supplies to Marie Davis, the departmental manager and other members of her staff: Alicia Wright (staff nurse), Telecia Bynoe (social worker), female attendant Thelma Bristol and nursing aide Alison Haynes. “Although these health care providers are operating out of an aged building with less than modern facilities, the working conditions are favourable. The facility is well kept, and they are functioning in a sanitary environment,” a release from JEMS said.

On July 21, the group also handed over health and medical supplies and a glucose monitor to the Enhams clinic.

“We give out food packages and school supplies annually to several districts throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines, but my heart is at the Lewis Punnett Home. JEMS’ donations to the Lewis Punnett Home have become an annual gesture of altruism,” said Simmons

JEMS operates from the city of Brooklyn, New York. The release from the organization said their finances are generated from annual barbecues, boat rides and bus rides to Atlantic City, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

“We aspire to do much more each year, and so, we welcome all financial donations, medical supplies, health supplies, clothes and other valuable supplies from our Vincentian diaspora in New York City. Every help can engender change for the less fortunate back at home in St Vincent. We need every generous hand on board.”