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Mesopotamia resident wins NFA shoot


The National Firearms Association (NFA) hosted its annual shoot meet at the Arnos Vale Range last Saturday.

The shoot was a 50-round event, comprising two separate practices, with a total of 380 points available for the perfect score. The event was won by Mesopotamia resident, Robert Forde. Tony DaSilva and Tommy Greaves were second and third respectively, with one point separating them.

The full score sheet is as follows:

Forde 276

DaSilva 252

Greaves 251

Samuel 232

Weekes 152

Ian Trotman 174

Alexander 187

Defreitas 163

Mascoll 116

Beian Cui 113

Jiangueng Chen 109

Ken Chow 81

The event was witnessed by members of the NFA and other well-wishers. All members of the NFA are encouraged to use the range at Arnos Vale for regular practice with their firearm on Wednesday evenings and on Saturdays, when range officers are available.