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Artistes seek ‘Boarding Pass’ to Ragga, Soca Monarch finals


The artistes who will take part in the first ever live judging of the national Soca Monarch and Ragga Soca Monarch semi-finals have been chosen.

The event, dubbed “Boarding Pass,” will take place at the decommissioned ET Joshua Airport on Saturday, June 24.

Performing in the Soca Monarch segment of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) event are Kurtne ‘Fresh one’ Patterson’, Johnny ‘Johnny Rebel’ Hall, Joel ‘Tha Fugitive’ Bibby, Shanel Nanton, Travis ‘Wizskid’ Lynch, Naphtali Duncan, Kester ‘Flanka’ Chapman, Hance John, Omarion ‘Marlo’ Benn, Ozarie Matthews, Kamara ‘Keido’ Foster, Lornette ‘Fya Empress’ Nedd, Ryan ‘Royal’ Abraham, Kemuel ‘Karbon’ Stapleton, Denise ‘ Lady D’ Stephens, Keronna ‘Keke’ Samuel, Zavique ‘Caspa G’ Morris, Kenroy ‘Rus – T’ Baptiste, Jamarie ‘L Pank’ Stapleton, Chewalee Johnson, Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper, Ken ‘Wizzy’ Wiseman, Kevon ‘Sick-O’ Shallow, Keith ‘Grabba Finnesse’ Charles and Alhaji ‘Allah G’ James.

Competing in the Ragga Soca semi-final are Joanna Christopher-Joseph, Johnny ‘Johnny Rebel’ Hall, Keronna ‘Keke’ Samuel, Claydon ‘ Dymes’ Roache and Elrico ‘Pixel’ Hunte, Nickeisha ‘Nikky D Diva’ Pierre, Cleopatra ‘Cleo’ Hendrickson, Jamarie ‘L Pank’ Stapleton, Anthony and Jamall Nelson (Montano Brothers), Shanel Nanton, Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams, Travis ‘Wizskid’ Lynch, Kenville ‘Fonando’ Horne, Alhaji ‘Alla-G’ James, Naphtali Duncan, Lornette ‘Fya Empress’ Nedd, Hance John, Shaunelle Mc Kenzie, Devante Peters and Utamu Rose (Prime Time), Kalid Walters and Delroy Hooper (Kavide ft Fya Man), Ozarie Matthews and Kester Chapman (Ozarie and Flanka), Kemuel Stapleton and Claydon Roache (Karbon Jamz and Dymes), M’riah ‘Young Siah’ Robertson, Shemuel ‘Stamina’ Thomas, Winston ‘Barts’ St Hillaire’, and Joel ‘Dynamite’ Tyril.

In previous years, artistes were asked to submit their recorded songs to the CDC. The songs were listened to by a group of selectors, who then informed the artistes that they were chosen for the finals. Artistes who were not picked would sometimes complain that the process was unfair, as their songs would sound better if they were allowed to perform live.  

So, this year, as the CDC celebrates 40 years of Vincy Mas in June/July, the national Soca and Ragga Soca semi-finals have been introduced.

On semis night, 15 Soca and 10 Ragga Soca singers will be chosen for the July 8 Carnival City, Victoria Park spectacle.