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Outfit yourself with life jacket upon boarding open vessels – Coast Guard


Even though having life vests aboard sea vessels is not regulated by law, a Coast Guard official recommends that one of the first things people should do on boarding an open boat is put on a life jacket.

“If you are in an open boat like what we use here for fishing or seagoing, upon entering those vessels you have to outfit yourself with a life jacket. That is the basic and the fundamental means of you staying afloat, should the vessel on sea encounter some sort of problem,” Lieutenant Ralphie Ragguette said in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

“So, whether or not it is law or it’s not in law, it is for you, the captain and the persons on board, to first think of your safety before venturing out to sea…,” Ragguette said.

He said the Coast Guard has and will continue to sensitize fishermen and other seafarers about how to attire themselves and outfit their vessels for sea.

Ragguette stated that the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) has assisted in getting radios to seafarers, so if an emergency presents itself, they could either communicate their location or use the emergency button.

“We continue and we will continue to emphasize the need for you to practise safety when you are going to sea,” he said.