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Miss SVG to continue her empowerment campaign


Education and its importance now has an ambassador in the person of Miss SVG 2017 Jimelle Roberts.

Roberts, who appeared as Miss FLOW, was crowned Miss SVG 2017 last Saturday June 3 at Carnival City, Victoria Park.

The 24-year-old Belair resident emerged winner after delivering a consistent performance that earned her the Best Talent award (Please also see page 14) and sufficient points overall to defeat six other hopefuls.

Robert’s platform in the inaugural edition of the show’s Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC) sponsored female empowerment campaign, was “The Importance of Education.”

After being crowned, the new queen told reporters that during her reign, she plans to continue her female empowerment campaign while attempting to be a great ambassador for the country.

Roberts, a teacher of English and Theatre Arts at St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, holds a bachelor’s degree in Language and Linguistics. She said that she will be using the EC$80,000 university scholarship that comes with the crown to pursue studies in speech and language therapy.

“Right now, I am extremely happy. I put the hard work in and it paid off…the hard work paid off and I am happy about that,” she said, while standing on stage at the Victoria Park.

Miss SVG 2017 said that she entered the show with “expectations” and prepared to do her best and “Things went as planned because I have the crown.”

When asked who she thought was her biggest competition for the crown, Roberts answered, “I would have competed with six other girls and they are all competitors, so I am really happy that I persevered and was able to become Miss SVG.”

Roberts also paid tribute to her late friend Karissa Clarke, who succumbed to cancer earlier this year. She said that Clarke, whom she described as her “guardian angel in heaven,” was one of the main reasons she came out on top in the show.

“I think that she was the edge for me to really go ahead and do this because I know had she been here, she would have been here tonight supporting me tremendously and support from a best friend, is extremely important and with Almighty God on my side, I am Miss SVG 2017.”

The new queen said that she is now looking forward to a period of rest and relaxation seeing that there is no Miss Carival this year. She is however hoping to take part in the 56th annual Miss Jaycees Queen Show on Sunday July 30 in Antigua and Barbuda.

The show saw in second place, crowd favourite, Miss Mustique Company Limited Nicolleen Lewis. Lewis was also given an award for being the Most Community Spirited contestant, while her evening gown earned her the award in that category. She also won the Best Swimwear award.

“I’m feeling really perky. I know I did my best and everyone is proud of me. I have so many persons to thank,” Lewis told SEARCHLIGHT after the show.

“I did my best, I know I dropped in the Interview category, but I’m quite…it’s understandable,” she said after competing in her third pageant.

“I promised God this was my last pageant. I am not disappointed that I didn’t win, because I have a lot of supporters and they did not turn their backs on me so I’m quite fine.”

She; added that she will no longer take part in pageants and plans to pursue a career in international marketing, as well as continue her empowerment campaign which she says she holds dear to my heart.

The Fancy resident, who was once a resident of the Guadalupe Home for Girls, had as her platform: “Circumstances do not make me who I am.”

In third place was Miss Jergens Christal Oliver. She also won the Best Interview award.

“I am satisfied; a little disappointed, but I think that I have done my best and I am extremely proud of getting best interview, so that says a lot to me.”

She said that she was very nervous on the night of the show, but after the introductory speech, she settled down.

Oliver said that the most memorable part of her Miss SVG journey was the school visits and being able to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

“I didn’t realize that I had so much influence on someone…speaking about my natural hair and I feel proud and humbled that I made an impact on at least one person’s life,” said Oliver, who added that she would like to take part in the Miss Jaycees Queen Show and a pageant in Nevis.

The pageant saw Darisean LaBorde, Miss Kendra’s Aluminium Products Ltd, winning the Miss Photogenic award. She also received the Romano Richards Miss Congeniality trophy.

The other contestants were Miss Quick Cash Corporation Bryanna Hadaway, Miss Agricultural Input Warehouse Brittney Oliver and Miss Metrocint General Insurance Company Limited LaDonna Yorke.

Guest artistes at the event included Daniele Veira, Shaunelle McKenzie, Kristiana “Singing Kristie” Christopher and Reka Gaymes.

The show was hosted by Miss SVG 2015 DeYonte Mayers and Canadian Vincentian media personality Nneka Elliott.(LC)