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Vincentian denies beating Haitian in BVI


Vincentian Kimron Jackson has told the Magistrate’s Court in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), that he did not help his three travelling companions to severely beat a Haitian man in 2015.

The 34-year-old man made the declaration after he pleaded not guilty to charges of assault, occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage.

Allegations are that the complainant parked his vehicle near a bar in Sea Cow’s Bay on August 26, 2015. He heard another vehicle collide into his car.

Upon realizing that the other motorist did not stop, the complainant tapped onto the seemingly escaping vehicle to get the driver’s attention.

The driver stopped. Four men, including Jackson, exited the vehicle.

The four allegedly started to beat the complainant. They did so for about five minutes before they drove away.

It is reported that the complainant received several injuries to the face and other areas of the body. He could not use the right eye immediately after the attack.

The beating was reported to the police and the alleged beaters were arrested and charged some time later.

During a police interview, Jackson reportedly claimed that he had no knowledge of the incident. It is said that he further told police that he was at home with his wife and children at the time of the attack.

Police stated that two days later, Jackson ‘came clean’ and admitted that he was at the scene of the incident. But he claimed that he did not participate in the beating and that he was the peacemaker.

Jackson, in court this week, claimed that he was the last person to exit the vehicle when the beating unfolded.

He added that by the time he exited, the complainant already was being beaten.

Jackson further told the court that he saw his travelling companions deliver several kicks and punches to the complainant’s body.

He said he tried to call off the attack. “I said [to the attackers] ‘what you gonna do? Kill he?”

Jackson further testified that he and the other three men left the scene and went to have alcoholic beverages. He told the court: “I, Kimron Jackson, never lay a hand on him (the complainant).”

The trial is to continue on July 12.

Meanwhile, the prosecution noted that the other three men involved in the attack have “already been taken care of”.

Police previously said the other three were charged with assault, causing grievous bodily harm. They are Travis Brumant, Jamarli James, and Karelle Parsons – all from Long Bay in West End, Tortola. (BVI News)