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NCW condemns killing of Ottley Hall woman


The killing of 32-year-old Shemeal Bowens has been condemned by the National Council of Women (NCW).

Bowens, the mother of five children, was shot multiple times about her body on the eve of Holy Thursday 2017 and became the 9th homicide victim and the lone female to die by violence this year.

“The issue of crime and violence I believe is on the front burner of our security forces, The Ministry of National Security and the Government, but the dilemma is escalating and propelling out of control…. Enough is not being done, we need to change the strategy of policing, it is clear that the presence of police is not much deterrent, we need more community involvement,” a release from NCW president Beverly Richards said.

“It is time for the senseless killing in Ottley Hall to stop, it is a small community and there is constant war. The community needs to come together to help solve the mutual problems and settle the differences in amicable and sensible ways, you cannot allow anger and rage to overcome your better judgment and reasoning. A conserted effort must be made to stop this community decay, by reducing the prevalence of insecurity, fear, violence and crime,” the release said.

“The National Council of Women extends sincere condolences to the children and extended family of Shemael Bowens, and wish God’s comfort and strength in this time of your bereavement. May her soul rest in peace.”