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Third CDC event to be staged this Saturday


This Saturday, April 15, persons on Union Island will be provided with the opportunity to take in a top-class entertainment package during a two-part event at the Ashton hard court.

For the first time ever, the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) has teamed up with the Union Island Easterval Committee and the collaboration has given birth to an event dubbed “Reunion,” which this year is coupled with the Miss Easterval Pageant.

Reunion is the third event on the CDC’s 40th anniversary calendar of activities and will see the coming back together of Roses Crew and performances by original members “Fireman”, “DJ 20”, “Rawlo” and “Chainsaw”.

Apart from Roses Crew, Union Island will also be reintroduced to Alston “Becket” Cyrus.

Rural Carnival coordinator Esworth “Ezzie” Roberts explained that this year, the CDC is holding four fetes leading up to the 40th anniversary of Vincy Mas and Reunion is the third fete. The first two were the All-stars Show (February 18) and the Clash of the Bands event (March 18).

“The whole concept is where we basically want to reunite Fireman and Roses Crew with the people of Union Island, so the reunification is taking place twofold; we are reuniting Fireman with the Roses Crew and reuniting the Roses Crew with Union Island,” said Roberts.

He noted that Fireman, eight-time Soca Monarch winner, has been performing in Union Island for a long time, but has not entertained persons there for the last three years.

“The other part of the project is Alston “Becket” Cyrus. He performed in Union Island a long time ago and they love him, but they haven’t seen him perform in a long time, so we decided to reunite Becket with Union Island also,” Roberts said.

The artistes will be backed up by the Kinetic Band and the show begins at 9 p.m.

Tickets purchased in advance cost EC$40, while EC$50 will be charged at the door. Disc jockey music will come from DJ Q and DJ Shady.

“Reunion will take place after the pageant and we are giving technical help and support to make the show run smoothly,” said Roberts, who added that the CDC would like to see many persons from the mainland attending the event, which is sponsored by, among others, FLOW, the National Lotteries Authority (NLA), NBC radio, Star FM and the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority.