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Hairoun Beer launches promo geared at Gen X


The St Vincent Brewery Ltd has launched yet another promotion aimed at rewarding its customers.

Dubbed “Hairoun – On the Endz”, the initiative was launched last week at the Chill Spot Bar and Grill in Arnos Vale.

Speaking during the launch, the Brewery’s marketing coordinator Kelvin Franklyn said that the company has for years been creating innovative ways of connecting people, creating memories and sharing experiences over “a beastly cold Hairoun Beer”.

“As we continue to refresh our brand and expand our market base, this year we want to focus and to particularly associate the beer with the new Gen X, wherever their liming or chill spots are across St Vincent and the Grenadines,” said Franklyn.

Explaining the promotion, the Brewery’s Cenica Patterson said that “On the Endz” is specifically geared at the generation X consumer and will see, among other initiatives, an interactive On the Endz Hour on two popular radio stations.

“This hour would be interactive and a change from the usual hour segments; listeners can call and big up their endz, win prizes and request songs. To make things interesting, we would also be introducing a Hairoun – On the Endz go live on social media. This is where you go live on your endz consuming a Hairoun,” explained Patterson.

Persons who choose to take part in the social media aspect of the promotion must use the hashtags, @hairounbeersvg (Facebook) and Instagram (#Hairoun #Ontheendz #yourlocation). Videos with the most likes and views would be able to win prizes.

There will also be a number of events throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines, so consumers will have the opportunity to win prizes.

“We are very excited about this new platform, as we want to appeal to the new drinking market: the young adults who are exploring the technological era, who are eager to interact and experience new ideas which are geared towards consuming the product. We are looking forward to great vibes and good clean enjoyable on the endz experience with Hairoun,” said Franklyn.