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Courts ‘Wish List Project’ graces numerous homes around SVG

Courts ‘Wish List Project’ graces numerous homes around SVG


Emotional outpourings of gratitude from recipients of the Courts 2016 Wish List Project were plentiful, as staff and volunteers distributed more than 30 care packages recently.

Thirty-four households were blessed with items of food, toiletries and other essentials, as the team divided into two groups to give out the packages on the windward and leeward sides of the island, with ventures into the interiors.

The windward group journeyed as far as Sandy Bay, while those on the leeward end reached Barrouallie. Those presented with the packages showered their benefactors with thanks, with tears being shed on both sides in some instances.

For the Wish List Project, Courts enlisted the assistance of neighbours, friends and family members, who identified persons in various communities who were in need of assistance.

The individuals and families, which included amputees, shut-ins, single parents, among others, were then presented with the care packages, which were purchased, assembled and disbursed by the volunteers.

Courts Commercial manager Lisa Veira said that the exercise, which took place on January 15, was a fruitful undertaking.

“We were happy to be able to help some of the less fortunate in our society. The recipients were very grateful for the gesture, and we at Courts were very humbled and honoured to be able to make a small, but worthwhile contribution to those in need.

“I think we were all moved to see how basic necessities can change somebody’s life. It’s the simple, little things in life that have the biggest impact. In a time when generosity is so rare, Courts showed that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

“This would not have been possible without the persons who offered up the names of the individuals and families, as well as the members of staff, volunteers, and other persons that played a part in making the Wish List Project possible and successful,” Veira said.