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St Vincent Brewery Ltd Hairoun Beer launches ‘Pot of Gold’ Christmas promotion

St Vincent Brewery Ltd Hairoun Beer launches ‘Pot of Gold’ Christmas promotion


A huge flat-screen television, a stereo set, cash and Hairoun beer are some of the prizes persons will win this Christmas, thanks to Hairoun Beer and the St Vincent Brewery’s Christmas promotion, “Pot of Gold”.

Pot of Gold was launched last Tuesday at the Brewery’s base at Campden Park and according to regional commercial manager at the Brewery Shafia London-Williams,{{more}} the promotion sees the Brewery changing its Hairoun beer bottle caps to gold coloured ones.

These golden crowns must be collected and stored in a pot or any container and at the end of the promotion, on December 30, persons with the most crowns will have the opportunity to walk away with one of 12 prizes.

The crowns in the container must be brought to the Brewery at Campden Park, where they will be weighed.

“We are encouraging our consumers to drink Hairoun and save their gold crowns. We have been creating many innovative ways of sharing the Christmas spirit and we will be making this Christmas a lot easier for our consumers; all you have to do as of today is collect your pot of gold,” said London-Williams.

Prizes include a “huge” flat screen television, a stereo set, a barbecue grill, a Samsung S7 smartphone, a smart watch, a bicycle, a PlayStation 4, three hams and a case of Hairoun beer, EC$500, EC$1,200, five cases of Hairoun beer and a year’s supply of Hairoun beer.

“On the 30th of December, we will be asking persons to bring in their pots of gold and the person with the most crowns, they stand to win the top of the 12 prizes,” said London-Williams.

“If you have, lets say, 500 gold crowns and no one has more than that, you will win the top prize of the big screen television and the 11 persons with the most gold crowns will win the prizes with the highest value. You have all Christmas to store and safely keep and collect your Hairoun gold crowns and fill that pot of gold,” said London-Williams.

Persons must be of legal drinking age to take part.

“We are looking forward to creative pots of gold…all you have to do is collect the gold crowns and fill them in any container and once you are in the top 12 with the most crowns, you stand to win attractive prizes.”

Marketing co-ordinator at the Brewery Lamont Medica-said that Hairoun loves to interact with customers, so a number of events have been planned during the life of the promo.

He said that during the 12 days of Christmas, supermarkets and wholesalers will allow persons to pass over gold crowns for free Hairoun beer, 50 gold crowns will get a six-pack and 200 gold crowns, a case of beer.

He said that at various bars, the Brewery will set up a pot of gold coins and persons who hand over six gold crowns will get a chance to pick a gold coin. Each coin holds a prize, from free Hairoun beer to cash to portable chargers and phones.

The promotion is also being seen as a way to protect the environment, as the crowns will be recycled.