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SMSS opens doors to past students

SMSS opens doors to past students


The doors of the St Martin’s Secondary School were opened to past students on Monday, October 24, as the principal, staff and students welcomed them to their Mentorship Programme.

This programme was designed to encourage the students who are currently enrolled to aim for academic excellence. It is also the hope of the school’s administration that it would help students to boost their morale and enable personal growth.{{more}}

Last week’s session was not the first of its kind at this institution. Over the past two years, the principal and staff have periodically invited past students to have 30-minute motivational sessions with the students, and having recognized the positive impact this programme has had on the students, they improved on it and hosted it in this manner.

During their individual sessions with the students, the mentors engaged the boys in discussions on topics, such as “Respect for self and others”, “Good manners and behaviour are essential” and “The effects of drugs on adolescents”. The sessions were well-received by the students, who enthusiastically participated in the discussions. They reported that they learned a lot through their interactions with their mentors and expressed the desire to have them return for similar sessions. Likewise, the mentors were honoured to have been given the opportunity to address the students and commended the principal and staff on this initiative. They embraced the opportunity to not only speak on their assigned topics, but also to reminisce about their tenure at the institution and urged the principal to make this a regular event.