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Vinsure rewards two customers for safe driving

Vinsure rewards two customers for safe driving


St Vincent Insurances Ltd/Vinsure continues to strive to outshine the competition when it comes to customer service and as a result has rewarded two motorists for driving for 15 years without being involved in an accident.

On Monday, October 31, at Vinsure’s office on Grenville Street, Ornan Brooker of Calder and Roslyn Maule of Dorsetshire Hill received gifts of free insurance for one year from Vinsure’s managing director Samuel Goodluck.{{more}}

Goodluck said that the company has been rewarding its safe drivers since February 1999 and although the company had stopped having a ceremony, they decided to resume the event to encourage persons to drive safely, given the number of road accidents and the increase in lawlessness on the road.

“We started back the ceremony, so people could understand that people could drive for 15 years and benefit,” said Goodluck, who revealed that to date, Vinsure has rewarded 159 persons with free insurance for a year, the equivalent of EC$110,000 in premiums.

“I think it is a good way to reward persons who have been with us long and to say to the young fellas, you could qualify for this thing once you drive carefully. It is all about giving back and advising people to drive carefully…,” said the managing director of the 52-year-old company.

He said that although the rewards programme is a costly operation, it is something Vinsure enjoys doing.

“I want to congratulate them for being recipients and we look forward to rewarding a lot more people. I believe in customer service, because all of the companies offer the same service, but customer service is something that is lacking in this country and I tell my staff service is important and we have to beat them (other companies) on service,” said Goodluck.

Brooker described not having to pay his insurance for one year as “rewarding,” adding, “I thank you for this trophy; it helped me a lot. I was looking for money to pay my insurance.”

He saved EC$640.

“I’ve been driving since 1984 and never got into an accident. My son crashed two times, but not me,” said Brooker, who encouraged drivers to take their time on the road and keep on their hand to avoid accidents.

Maule commented, “I am extremely happy and grateful that Mr Goodluck and Vinsure have decided to reward customers under their corporate duty. I have been attached to this business for a while; my parents and husband and other family members have insured with him and we are happy with the type of service we have been getting.”

She added, “I would like to ask road users to take time and be considerate to other persons. We do not have the caring, so I think that is where we fall down a lot; it’s just about us, once we can get away, then its okay.”

Accident investigator and former police officer Artis Davis, who operates Supreme Investigative and Security Services, was also at the ceremony.

He commented, “I would like to join with the management in commending them for having driven over 15 years without adding to the accident statistics.”

The investigator said that far too many accidents are taking place and most of them could be attributed to basic negligence.

“Being a former police officer, a lot of persons are not observing the traffic signs … and I want to urge drivers to pay attention to [them] and to educate themselves as much as possible regarding the traffic laws. I think it is imperative that we do that and once we do that, there will be a reduction in accidents,” said Davis.(LC)