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Melisizwe Brothers release music video promoting SVG

Melisizwe Brothers release music video promoting SVG


A new music video promoting the beauty of St Vincent and the Grenadines and its people has been launched – targeted at tourists and Vincentians alike.

‘Welcome To St Vincent and the Grenadines’ features the talented trio The Melisizwe Brothers, whose dulcet tones are perfectly matched with the rich scenery of the multi-island state.{{more}}

Directed and produced by Steve Wallace, of Caribbean A+ Media, the music video was made available online yesterday, October 20, and is intended as a promotional tool for SVG.

Speaking with SEARCHLIGHT last Wednesday, Wallace explained that he came up with the concept for the video after listening closely to the lyrics of the song, which was penned and composed by Mark James (a member of The Melisizwe Brothers).

“The storyline behind the video is we have a lady and her daughter… coming to St Vincent via cruise ship. After she starts exploring the country, she immediately jumps on her phone and calls her [partner] in America to join her in St Vincent,” he explained.

“The next day, he lands at the Argyle International Airport, and then they go on a whirlwind tour, exploring St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Some of the destinations captured in the video include Indian Bay beach, Villa beach, Fort Charlotte, Kingstown, Mustique, Bequia, Union Island, Happy Island and Mayreau, among others.

The video – which began filming in May 2016 – also incorporates scenes from Carnival, various sporting events, and the 2015 Independence parade, and then climaxes with the couple getting married at Buccament Bay Resort.

Wallace further explained that although he enjoyed directing and producing the music video, it presented a challenge, in that he had so many picturesque destinations and footage from cultural events and everyday life to choose from, it was somewhat difficult deciding which ones to use.

He further explained that he incorporated some of the new technology in filming – more specifically the usage of drones and orbital shots.

‘Welcome To St Vincent and the Grenadines’ is available for viewing on SEARCHLIGHT’S FaceBook page (, and features Sabrina Marks-Dasent, Bryan Marks-Dasent and Mya Gun-Munro as the main characters in the video.

Executive producer was Nicole Hazell from the St Vincent and the Grenadines Port Authority, music was recorded by Mount Zion Productions, and wardrobe was coordinated by Veronica Collection.

Partners on this music video include St Vincent Port Authority, Specs Aerial, Candace Sealy (logistics manager), Buccament Bay Resort, Bickles, Urban Expressions Drama Group, Floranium Services, Kimya Glasgow Designs, Auldine’s Cosmetics, Bequia Express and Fanfare Events.(JSV)