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Adelphi Secondary Wins Bible Quiz again

Adelphi Secondary Wins Bible Quiz again


A student of the Adelphi Secondary School has again captured the winner’s spot in the Secondary School Bible Quiz. Yael Forde received her prizes from Janelle Jack at the school’s assembly on Monday, October 10. One month ago Carla McCleod was the Adelphi Secondary School’s fourth winner in the Quiz.

Speaking at the ceremony, Joel Jack reminded the students about the importance of the Bible and urged that they take time to get to know its contents, as it is communication to man from God.{{more}}

Jack also took the opportunity to present a copy of the book “Transformed – a spiritual journey” by Lance Mosher to the school’s library.

The winner of the October Quiz (Independence month in SVG) will, in addition to receiving the regular prize of $200 cash, a $200 voucher from Acute Cosmetics, a Jujube voucher for $100, a Bible and a gift for the parent, receive a copy of the highly recommended book “God’s Way To The Top” by JJ Turner.

The Quiz is open to all secondary school students in St Vincent and the Grenadines.