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SOV Nightclub to hold Independence Day Karaoke competition


The SOV Nightclub in Villa will come to life with competitive karaoke action on Thursday, October 27, Independence Day.

The competition is dubbed the St Vincent and the Grenadines Big 9 Hairoun Beer 3 for 10 West St George Dragon Karaoke House Independence Championship.{{more}}

Managing director of SVG Big 9 Promotion Costie Ralph said that he is hoping that persons come out to the competition, which he guarantees will be very entertaining.

The karaoke competition, packaged as an extension of the Independence package, is being sponsored by the St Vincent Brewery Limited and Hairoun Beer.

Following the Independence karaoke championship, on Friday, October 28, Big 9 Promotion will also put on a function at the Bequia National Park, while on Saturday, October 29, a Students’ Day is scheduled for the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex. On Sunday, October 30, the curtains come down on Big 9’s Independence celebrations with the first global bye-product costume pageant. The venue for the pageant is not yet decided.