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VINLEC joins regional companies to discuss renewable energy (RE)


St Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) will join the regional discussion on Renewable Energy at the 2016 CARILEC Renewable Energy Conference and Trade-show, which will take place in St Kitts from September 11 to 15. CARILEC is an association of electric utility companies, suppliers, manufacturers and other stakeholders operating in the electricity industry in the Caribbean.{{more}}

VINLEC will be represented at the sonference by senior generation engineer Augustus Ambrose, who will meet with energy leaders and experts, representing 15 utilities, to share experiences and exchange views on issues such as smart grid development, grid stability and renewable energy penetration rates.

The conference sessions will focus on a number of key topics, including island interconnection, project financing, energy storage and grid integration. The conference will also address issues such as optimal energy mix for the region, best and most sustainable energy policies for the region, business models that will ensure energy security to fuel development and financing avenues for Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

VINLEC anticipates that the information presented at the Renewable Energy Conference will be beneficial to the company, as VINLEC currently utilizes renewable energy in its generation mix. Approximately 18-20 per cent of energy produced annually is done at the hydro stations.

The official Opening Ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, September 11 and will have as keynote speaker, José María Figueres Olsen, former president of the Republic of Costa Rica. In 2012, he was appointed by Sir Richard Branson as president of the Carbon War Room. President Figueres has received numerous international awards for his work in Sustainable Development, including being the first recipient of the Global Prize from the World Bank’s Global Environmental Fund for leadership and efforts for the environment.

The conference will be hosted by CARILEC, in collaboration with the St Kitts Electricity Company (SKELEC), under the theme “RE Ready…Are we REady?” It will take place at the St Kitts Marriott Resort and the Royal Beach Casino.