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Deceased’s best friend escapes with bullet to leg


Anthony Newbolt is counting his lucky stars that he escaped a shooting attack with just a bullet to the leg.

The same, however, cannot be said about Newbolt’s long-time friend, 25-year-old Serano McKie, who died on the spot from multiple gunshot wounds.{{more}}

According to Newbolt the horrifying incident began after 8 p.m., as he was making his way home in a vehicle driven by the deceased.

“I was going home and I hear bullets start to fire in the back of the car, so I can’t see behind of my back,” he recalled.

Newbolt stated that he and McKie were like brothers.

“Is my brethren. Me and he go a long way together, live like brothers.”

Newbolt also said that he is not sure if he was the target of the shooting.

He said, however, that he is recovering well and is not in pain from the wound which he sustained in his leg.

McKie’s death brings the number of homicides this year to 21. (CM)