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SVGS fourth formers excel at CSEC maths

SVGS fourth formers excel at CSEC maths


Twenty-nine of the 150 students of the St Vincent Grammar School (SVGS) who wrote mathematics for the 2016 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) were fourth form students.

And of these 29 fourth formers, 20 secured grade ones, eight got grade twos and one got a grade three pass, pushing the school’s overall CXC/CSEC pass rate to 94.54 per cent, a marginal increase from 94.49 per cent last year.{{more}}

In an interview with Searchlight on Wednesday, Headmaster of the SVGS Curtis King said that the fourth form students were part of a one year mathematics pilot project/accelerated program.

“This is one of the more pleasing things this year. The parents were apprehensive and we had to convince them,” explained King who thinks that the fourth form student who scored the grade three in mathematics was at a disadvantage because he travelled during the Easter vacation and as a result missed a number of holiday classes.

King said that there were 100 per cent passes in 11 subjects; 10 subjects recorded percentage pass rates in the 90’s, one subject had a pass rate in the 80’s, three subjects had percentage passes in the 70’s while one subject had a 50 per cent pass rate. There were entries in 26 subject areas.

“The management of the school extends it congratulations to all the students on their success; the teachers for their hard work; parents and guardians for their steadfast support and our many past students and sponsors for their magnanimous contribution throughout the year,” said King during the telephone interview.(LC)