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Newly appointed AIA CEO resigns after seven weeks

Newly appointed AIA CEO resigns after seven weeks


The newly appointed CEO of the Argyle International Airport (AIA) Inc Robert Mattingly recently resigned his position after only seven weeks on the job, citing medical reasons.

Mattingly, a retired Florida airport vice-president, was selected for the position based on his extensive experience and knowledge of the aviation industry, Garth Saunders, chair of the AIA Inc told SEARCHLIGHT {{more}}on Wednesday.

The AIA Inc, which is the company formed to manage the operations of the new airport at Argyle after it has been certified and handed over by the IADC, has already commenced the process of recruiting a new CEO, which according to Saunders, should be finalized by September 2016.

Saunders also gave the assurance that he and his board continue to work with the nucleus of the management team, including the finance and administration manager, the operations manager and the handling services manager, in reviewing documents, preparing for final certification, fine tuning the AIA’s organizational structure, preparing budgets and negotiating with potential clients and stakeholders. Saunders also noted that the recruitment process is ongoing and he expects the AIA to be fully staffed very soon in preparation for the eventual handing over.

Construction work at the AIA project began in 2008, with the first estimated completion date given as the end of 2011. Since then, several completion dates have been missed, the most recent being June 30 this year.