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Blondie Bird hoping that another band can offer some competition

Blondie Bird hoping that another band can offer some competition


Garth Niles, co-owner of BMC Agencies, Hitz FM 103.7 Blondie Bird and Friends says that his band is so accustomed to winning, whenever they add another accolade to their name, it comes as no surprise.

Blondie Bird’s Jelani Niles and his portrayal of ‘Rhythm of Africa’ took the top position in the 2016 King of the Bands competition, which was held at Carnival City, Victoria Park on Sunday, July 3, during Dimanche Gras.{{more}}

Garth said that the costume, designed by Steven Derrick (a Vincentian living in Trinidad), took a lot of conversations and planning, but the hard work eventually paid off and saw the band winning their 11th King of the Bands title.

He noted that what has brought him joy is that the huge costume was carried by his son Jelani, who on Sunday went down in history as the youngest King of the Bands competition winner. Jelani is 17 years old and placed second last year.

“In the early time when you won, you used to be joyous. Big men crying in the road; but now to us winning is so natural and after winning so much, there is no excitement,” said Niles.

The outspoken culture man said that they are hoping that another band can offer them some competition in 2017.

“The rest of the bands are poor. The only other band that we get competition from is High Voltage,” stressed Garth.

In second place position in this year’s King of the Bands competition was Gordon ‘Tarya’ Boucher, with ‘Uzukwu the witch doctor – Protector of the Zamezi’ by Melbourne Artisans. Boucher was also honoured by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) and the Carnival Bands Association (CBA) for his years in the King of the Bands competition. He placed fourth last year.

In third place was the SVG Players International Mas Band’s Elroy Quammie with ‘A tribute to Roy Ralph,’ while fourth went to Rohan Bailey and his portrayal ‘Powder Soap’ by Metrocint General Insurance Co Ltd High Voltage Mas Production.

David ‘Sky’ Llewellyn, last year’s winner, did not place this year. His costume was FLOW Ahdrenalin Mas Band’s ‘Snared, Tested, Tempted and Deceived’.

The other King of the Bands competitors were Digicel Nelson Bloc with “Harioun Beer – Hold your Own,” portrayed by Kenroy Francis; Xtreme FM 104.3, G&T Enterprise Lynx Mas Band with “Black Fish Oil,” worn by Alexes Lawrence and Imagination Mas Band with “Capricorn,” shown by Norman Quashie.(LC)