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RJR opts out of Jouvert 2016


RJR has announced that it will not be taking part in J’ouvert 2016.

A release from the group said that their non-participation is as a result of “a number of circumstances.”

“RJR prides itself on its ability to deliver a high quality, professionally organised and above all clean and safe experience for its revellers, and we do not feel that those objectives can be guaranteed this year.{{more}}

“We are of the view that there needs to be a collective review by all stakeholders regarding the quality, control, morality and ethics in carnival and for entertainment generally.

“We are pleased that Vincy Mas and the quantity of entertainment is on the rise, however true potential and optimization will only be achieved when we pause, reflect, plan and effect positive change in some of the above mentioned ideals.

RJR takes this opportunity to say a hearty thank you to all sponsors, patrons and workers over the last nineteen years and ask that you prepare for our 20th anniversary celebration in 2017,” the release said.

“Although we won’t be with you this year we know that you will continue to support or motto which over the last 19 years should be seared into your minds and support and promote ‘A whole lot of clean fun’.”