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Prophets opened lot of Vincentians’ eyes to God – organizer

Prophets opened lot of Vincentians’ eyes to God – organizer


Project organizer of the St Vincent and the Grenadines arm of the Untrap Your Destiny Prophetic Conference has said that the three-day event was a monumental success.

Alexei Crichton indicated that the conference, which was facilitated by St Lucian Prophet Shorn Jules and Prophetess Lenora Sands from The Bahamas, opened a lot of Vincentians’ eyes to the power of God.{{more}}

He said that plans are already underway to hold similar events in the not too distant future.

“God’s glory was witnessed by so many, and the buzzing is going around,” Crichton said.

“Prophet Shorn and Prophetess Lenora Sands were undoubtedly on point with their revelations, which is an amazing gift from God.

“Prophet Shorn and I will be doing more of these conferences, as I see it really is impacting lives and brings change.”

At the conference, which took place at the Peace Memorial Hall, Crichton said that Prophet Jules and Prophetess Sands were both used by God to edify, bring relief, and in many cases, shock and amaze the congregations that came out in their numbers on all three nights.

He said that upon leaving the sessions, persons were heard asking how the spiritual leaders could have known what they did.

“The prophets, in some instances, interpreted dreams that one particularly lady had… without her even uttering a word about it,” Crichton pointed out.

Prior to the conference, Prophet Jules and Prophetess Sands visited a popular radio station, as part of the promotional tool for the sessions, where Prophet Jules discussed a number of burning issues affecting St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Prophet Shorn specifically said to the host ‘I see investors, and I see a lot of investors coming to the island, and a lot of investments.’ Days later, we hear of the Prime Minister going to Europe and Italy to meet investors.

“How else will this man know this is what the Prime Minister and his administration only has knowledge of, unless the Lord tells him?”

Crichton also indicated that while on the radio, Prophet Shorn also made mention of the young leaders who are emerging in the land.

He said that more young persons are taking up leadership roles, and also exposure in the judicial system, and that the judicial system was being played with by some lawyers and judges, and that there will be a great exposing.  

 “I feel honoured to have been a part of it, all to the glory of God. You can look out for more conferences and revelations, because this is just the beginning,” Crichton said.