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Vincentian launches SVG’s first online marketing website

Vincentian launches SVG’s first online marketing website


Redemption Sharpes resident Mikhail Akers has launched St Vincent and the Grenadines’ first on-line market,

The young entrepreneur told SEARCHLIGHT in an interview that the website was created so that vendors can have somewhere to sell their goods without having to pay a third party a commission.{{more}}

“Some people might ask for five per cent if they sell your vehicle for you. So, I am creating this hub where you can just post your things freely, once it’s not stolen of course.”

Akers noted that he was always being asked to sell items for persons and it became too much of a hassle to make posts on Facebook and that propelled him to create the website.

The website, which was launched on April 1, has already had more than 3,000 views and more than 50 items being advertised for sale.

The website is described by Akers as a ‘Vincentian community,’ which he one day hopes to take regional.

“The website is…’cariits’ – the cari stands for Caribbean, because the long-term projection is not to be just local. I want to be regional as well, because what I want to create…is inter island,” he said.

The website is open to everyone, not only persons, offering goods, but also persons in the service industry.

“There are certain business houses out there…to advertise yearly with them and to post your business is quite expensive. I am creating an avenue where you can list for free,” Akers noted.

He disclosed that he is looking to create an app for the website soon.

Akers noted that in the future he will be looking to create advertisement slots and would be offering businesses the opportunity to be a featured on the site for a small fee.

“I am not trying to kill people to get their stuff out there; I want you to get your stuff sold….

“The objective is for Vincentians to just have somewhere, where they can go and get stuff off their hands without having the hassle with you having to pay…,”Akers said.

Additionally, he noted that he is also looking to introduce an inter-island delivery system, for which he will charge one flat fee.

Persons wishing to purchase items on the site can speak directly with the vendor and have the opportunity to make negotiations.

Interested persons may visit the Facebook page at Island Trade Services. (CM)