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Ulrica Gaymes – new blood in local soca arena!

Ulrica Gaymes – new blood in local soca arena!


One of the youngest artistes to make a debut on commercial records alongside names such as Problem Child, Skinny Fabulous, Hance John and Tian Winter (Antigua) is about to be introduced to the entertainment scene.

Not an easy accomplishment, but 17-year-old Ulrica Gaymes made it a reality by presenting her skills and vocal talents to local producer Kubiyashi.{{more}}

Last year, Gaymes was introduced to SVG as a Miss Heritage contestant, boldly representing the Barrouallie Secondary School and copping the award for Best Talent. This year, she will be re-introduced simply as ‘Rica,’ a vibrant young new female soca artiste, delivering songs within the calibre of industry greats. She has also had great help from photographer Maxim Browne, and local designer Peta Odini (Odini Sutherland) who teamed up to help her construct her 2016 image. Through these relationships she managed to be part of a revolutionary collaboration project of fashion, music and art, called the Rebel Panda Riddim, scheduled to be released in the upcoming weeks.

Ulrica was discovered by Kubiyashi Productions through a social media outreach programme designed to find and build young, fresh talent. She has since been under the mentorship of Kubiyashi and has also received guidance from seasoned artistes in the industry such as Hance of Soca Dans/Island Network, Akene “Prez” Keizer, Terri Lyons (Trinidad) and Skinny Fabulous.

Bagga’s own, Ulrica Gaymes was born to Susan Ashaki and Ulric Gaymes on February 4 1999, but grew up in the care of mom Susan and stepdad Maxerton. She’s a tomboy-ish, outdoors-y, gorgeous young lady with a sporty, yet spicy sense of style. She can be “one of the boys” as easily as she can strut in stilettoes and if you plan to get to know her, you better know how to laugh!

Ulrica attended the Lodge Village Primary School and the Barrouallie Anglican School before entering the Barrouallie Secondary School, where she is currently a student. She began singing at the age of three and has since performed at pageants, school dances and in her school choir.

When she’s not exercising her musically vocal abilities, Ulrica is participating in cadet activities, where she holds the position of corporal. As if it isn’t enough to be a talented, down-to-earth, gorgeous young roughneck, Ulrica is also a beauty queen and in true testament to her talent, Ulrica won the title of Best Talent the 2015 Miss Heritage Pageant.

In the future, Ulrica hopes to do well by her talent and make it a priority in her life. She believes that through her music, she can, not only be an inspiration, but have a great opportunity to provide a better life for her family and properly repay her mom for her sacrifices. She also has selfless aspirations of being a nurse, teacher or police, recognizing that these are three professions contribute greatly to the development of her country and are well needed in her community.

This year, Ulrica presents herself to you, on a completely new level, as a soca artiste. With two amazing tracks in the bag, Ulrica is sitting pretty awaiting her first opportunity to unveil herself. You’d want to keep your eyes on this one, as she promises nothing but fire!